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Make a real differencE

Your donation is so important for us to continue our work at Lucky Dog Fosters . We are not backed by any corporate sponsors or charity funding. We depend on every donated dollar.  Every little bit that you contribute goes a long way in helping us save the dumped, the abused, the injured, and the neglected animals of Texas.   Thank you for your support ! 

Papa Recovering from Cancer Surgey on his nose
Ollie was left in a backyard and never fed it took months to rehabilitate him but now he's in a loving home and very healthy and happy

Other ways to Support Lucky Dog Fosters 

Dog parks are great, but imagine having your very own private dog park to avoid the nuisance of other dog parks. Whether you have a reactive dog or a submissive dog, private dog parks can help you bond with your pet in a safe controlled environment. Our Sniffspot, includes a beautiful swing, a doggie splash pool and over half an acre of grass meadow for you and your pet to enjoy!  

Purchase CBD oil HERE for your pet and it supports our rescues! 

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